ITTAS Experiences means expectations are met in your journey on an itinerary just the way you, your friends or your family want it by the world’s leading professionals.Once you’re with ITTAS Experiences, there’ll be an insider access to unexploited places yet with the style in EGYPT.

No, you won’t be taken for granted from arrival to departure and the details are effortlessly arranged to ensure a seamless, unforgettable travel experiences.With ITTAS, you walk right in where others wait in line, visit world-famous sites before they open to the public and experience authentic local interactions beyond the scope of any guidebook.


Allow us to tell you a bit about us here; ITTAS TOURS was founded in 1976 to provide to travelers with the best travel agency services. Our team of locally and internally experienced experts has always been passionate to reach out to the inner soul of people to make sure they realize their dreams.

Our Rule No.1 to provide an excellent service, No.2, see rule no.1 and No.3, see rule no.1 as well. Since our establishment, a memorable, hassle free vacation, unforgettable family holidays and synergized corporate unions have marked our milestones. We’re one stop travel service provider agency. Let’s start your bookings today and we’ll take care of the rest.

Our service:



Outbound Travel:

ITTAS Holidays , the outgoing arm of the Group, builds on the group’s extensive years of experience and far reaching network of partners that enables it to penetrate virtually every outbound travel market. Equipped to put together creative packages that perfectly meet all needs, the company accommodates every travel request to any destination, including leisure and business trips around the world.

The group provides outgoing travel packages, ticketing, and hotel accommodation services via its hotline, as well as seventeen travel shops in various locations in Greater Cairo, Alexandria, Mansoura, Damietta, Tanta and Asyut with plans for its retail network to expand aggressively in the near future.

Accreditation & Membership

  • Egyptian Travel Agency Association # 176
  • American Society of Travel Agency # 90055640
  • The International Air Transport Association (IATA) # 902055640

Inbound Travel:

ITTAS TOURS & TRAVEL operate breathtaking tours to:

Egypt, Jordan, UAE, Iran, Oman, Morocco and Turkey

We serve individual travelers, groups and travel agencies around the globe through our main office in Cairo and via our local operators, bonded and licensed. We work with experienced, professional and friendly staff, use secure and comfortable vehicles, carefully select our hotels and continuously upgrade our itineraries.  Thanks to our extensive and select network we can assure you supreme service with a great value for your money.

Escorted Group & Private Tours or Customized Itineraries


You may choose to take one of our group / private tours, or if you have group of your own, we can happily assist you in preparing an itinerary matching your dates, interests and travel style.  Our consultant will provide you the personalized assistance you require for your unique experience in the Middle East and/or the Mediterranean.



We are truly passionate for traveling all around EGYPT! Just taking your reservation in the first place, we ensure find your inner soul to touch your heart. All our consultants have traveled extensively and have first-hand knowledge of the destinations we book for. They know your travelling style and what activities make your vacation meaningful to you.

The hassle-free and detailed arrangements await you. Contact us today to learn more about our offerings on EGYPT inbound tours packages with exclusive experiences and creative gifting services. And when the time comes to book your next journey, we’re ready to provide the exact same personal, one-on-one service.


Things can be unpredictable during your travel. Our dedicated teams are here to provide you with necessary support every hour of the day. Whether a booking confirmation, making some changes or adding some to your itinerary, our teams are here to help 24/7. Maia guarantees to make good any money paid to us in the event of the financial collapse of an airline, tour operator or any other provider. This pledge has been honored since the foundation of ITTAS Experiences Travel, “IET”, more than 8 years ago. No client has suffered financial loss or ever been left wanting.


 Since our establishment more than 45 years ago, ITTAS Experiences Travel’s mission has been to provide our clients with travel endeavors that would be challenging or impossible to create on one’s own. From our roots pioneering travel to the far reaches of the planet, we have constantly searched for new delights and time-honored destinations. We personally know and experience all the destinations on the list in order to suite your feelings and styles.


We LISTEN you! We take pleasure in knowing your interest of activities and accommodations that truly excites you. Furthermore, we keep an eye on you while you’re traveling to make any adjustments necessary and are eager to hear about your experiences once you’re home.


It’s quite complicated to compare prices in travels. However, we are responsible for every element of your holiday to ensure you receive the best value for money.


We are fully committed to creating a journey that exceeds your expectations and we take care about every details large and small: creative trip design; enriching leaders; top-notch accommodations; the right daily activities, permits, vehicles, and restaurants; and more. We’re dedicated to dotting every “i” and crossing every “t”.


We keep on striving forward to provide experiences that focus on protecting environment and allow visitors to travel responsibly with little impact. We believe eco-tourism should apply to all tourism, not just in natural areas or with nature-based experiences.