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ITTAS TOURS provides exceptional MICE services creating a long-lasting impression for every meeting, incentive, conference or other event.

We apply our expertise and creative thinking to help your business host an amazing forum which achieves your desired outcome. Throughout our 40 years tenure in the travel industry, we have responded to a variety of MICE bookings tailoring and organizing events.  Utilizing our strong relationships with local authorities, airlines, hotels, and transport companies, we deliver high level execution at leading rates.

At ITTAS TOURS, we commit that our team designs the best programs to ensure our clients receive the ultimate experience they hoped for.

This is our mission, and the promise we deliver to our clients.

ITTAS TOURS provides the following services for MICE requests:

Our experienced team delivers a detailed action plan, followed by flawless execution of complete itineraries and pre-and post conference packages.
Based on your requirement, and utilizing our comprehensive database of facilities, our team researches, recommends, and books the most appropriate venue for your event.
Obtain the best rates, handle central reservation, and co-ordinate with attendees.
Unique “Welcome” or “Farewell” gala events and the oversight of all catering.
Our efficient system of transportation offers include:
• Individual and group transfers to hotels and event venues,
• Meet and Greet services at the airports
• Competitive group bookings on scheduled and chartered domestics flights.
• Professional staff available on site to guide attendees and liaise between clients and various suppliers guaranteeing smooth management of the event.
• A Permanent Help Desk at the event is provided to assist the attendees with any emerging travel needs.
• VIP service arrangements are available to ensure your VIPs are receiving the professional attention they need.
• An ITTAS team representative is also available at hospitality desk at your hotel to support attendees with their checking procedures.
• Assist with decision on space requirements
• design and co-ordinate exhibition space
• offer professional support for media requirements and outsource technicians as needed.
• Co-ordination of decoration requirement for venue
• Provide entertainment options as required with a selection of musical bands, folkloric local shows, DJs or dance performances.
• Offer the services of a team to co-ordinate all administrative work including welcome packs, agendas, and giveaway gifts.
• Multi Media – recording of your event and sessions as requested .
This includes printing, placement of banners, backdrops and rollups and other printed material.
We have experts to offer marketing services where required. Our team also includes experienced and qualified public relations and press management professionals to assist with press releases, press conferences, and campaign planning ensuring maximum exposure of your event.
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