Egypt’s oasis

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Egypt’s oasis

Egypt’s oasis and their mysterious legendary mounts

The mixing tales of legends and rituals coincide with holidays and celebrations, creating an Egyptian legend called Siwa Oasis.

The oasis, located in the heart of the Egyptian desert, boasts many myths that bring special charm to this picturesque spot.

The most famous of these legends is the story of the people of the oasis. It is about a long history linking Jebel Dakrour, the Temple of Revelation and the Mount of the Dead through an underground tunnel.

Egypt has a variety of mountains, which are considered to be archaeological, although they are made by God. For its beauty, tourist attractions have become popular, most notably the “mountain of the dead” found by the people of Siwa during the Second World War in 1944 to hide and discover the tombs inside it.

The Mount of the Dead is one of the most famous shrines in Siwa. It is not a geographically true mountain, but a high plateau with a rocky cone in the middle.

Mount of the Dead contains thousands of tombs carved on top of the rocks. The tombs are round in the shape of a beehive. It is one of the most beautiful and strangest archaeological sites in Egypt. It is one of the wonders of Siwa.

To the north of Qal’at Shali and 50 meters high, an ancient cemetery, the cemetery adds a lot to the ancient Egyptian art and Greek art. The tombs are located deep in the mountain, and every rectangular tomb ends in a square courtyard. The courtyard is divided by a set of holes dedicated to placing the dead and inside it are beautiful, intensive tombs. The most famous tombs in this region are the tomb of Si Amun, which has a collection of prominent inscriptions.

The crocodile cemetery is named after the inscription on it. It is a yellow crocodile shape. The cemetery is a three-chamber structure. The owner of the cemetery has not yet been identified.

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